Gel de color/Gel de pintura

Gel de color/Gel de pintura


Color Gel/Painting Gel: It gives you the straightest lines you've ever seen in your life. Needs to be used with gel base and top coats and cured under UV/LED nail drying lamps.

Beautiful Color Gel/Painting Gel, highly elastic and highly pigmented. Give you a unique gel manicure design, enjoy your manicure for 28 days or more!

This Color Gel/Painting Gel looks like a very viscous gel with an amazing touch, and when you put a little toothpick or something in it, you can quickly and easily draw lines from one contact point to another.

This painting gel is vegan and cruelty free, made from natural resins with healthy ingredients, low odor, and non-toxic. Suitable for natural nails, UV plastic nails, fake nails, acrylic nails, etc.

Suitable for all people who love manicure and gel manicure, especially suitable for beginners and elegant women, no matter for home use or professional nail salon, make your nails more beautiful and charming.

Mini Painting Gel Nails Organic Natural Colors Kit-If you need to buy nail tools; nail polish glue; water agent; functional glue; accessories, please contact us.

3842 Gel colorante

3842 soak-off color gel is a super pigmented, one stroke full coverage color. Apply it to your client’s nails for an easy to use gel nail kit that can be easily controlled by the user.


3848 Gel de color/Gel de pintura

3848 Color Gel is formulated for the Japanese market, and offers a full coverage finish. This water based gel dries quickly to a non-transferable finish that is waterproof and smudge resistant.


2851 Pintura Gel

After use, please take care and cover the gel in time to avoid exposure to the light source of the phototherapy machine and sunlight. Do not expose the gel to strong light, as this will affect its normal use.


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