Gel de extensión de uñas

Gel de extensión de uñas


Nail Extension Gel Kit: You can easily extend your nails and enjoy DIY fun! This multi-purpose nail glue can not only be used to attach the tip of the nail, but also can be used as a base glue! Let it do magic with you!

Healthy Nail Art: Compared with traditional nail glue, this new nail glue gel is made of new formula, which is safe and low-odor, will not harm your nails, providing you with a comfortable and pleasant nail experience.

BREAK RESISTANT, ULTRA STRONG: Extend your nails in just 3 minutes and show them for over 21 days! We developed the formula Nail Extension Gel to give your long nails optimal support against breakage.

Suitable for Different Nail Art: Nail Extension Gel can be used for false nail tips, acrylic nails, gel polish nails, poly nail gel nails, very suitable for DIY nail art and salon use, sturdy and practical.

3915t gel de constructor de pincel

El gel de constructor de líquidos de baja viscosidad permite una aplicación más rápida, crea extensiones de uñas perfectas sin la quemadura y su dureza alta es ideal para pellizcar una curva C perfecta.


Gel de uñas de polietileno transparente

Es una solución fácil en el hogar para uñas de calidad de salón. Esta fórmula de polígelo inodoro y de alta claridad está diseñada para principiantes y es perfecta para lograr uñas resistentes al daño que duran más de 4 semanas sin astillarse o levantar. Nuestro kit Clear PolyGel incluye todo lo que necesita para esculpir extensiones de uñas hermosas y de aspecto natural en casa. El cepillo antiadherente garantiza una aplicación fácil e impecable cada vez.


3908/3909 gel acrílico

Produced by China's first Acryl gel factory, these extensions are painless, paperless and easy to use. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and styles.


3909A Gel acrílico con purpurina

The 3909A Glitter Acryl Gel for Nail Art is designed to provide a long-lasting nail art. It's easy to apply and remove, and won't damage your nails. Try it today!


3909GN-GB Gel acrílico que cambia de humor y brilla en la oscuridad

Our hot product poly gel comes with two effects: mood changing and glow in the dark. It is packed with playful glitter and a shimmer powder to glam up your look, perfect for every occasion.


3908E-TM Gel acrílico transparente

This top-quality acryl poly gel nail polish is highly transparent with color and can be used to extend, harden nails, repairing and French manicures.


3909A-CSGY Luces de la ciudad

Why choose the gel nail polish? It is the most modern form of nail fashion, based on the international fashion color design. The acryl gel is the most modern method, even a beginner can model ideal nails.


3909GN-WZ Gel acrílico brillante con micro diamantes

Want to add a delicate touch to your style? This glitter poly gel is packed with micro reflective powders and sparkly colored glitters it can flares up with bright lights, creating a stunning effect like a diamond.


Gel constructor de gelatina 1278C

Our products are great and make our clients satisfied. Considering our Jelly Builder Gel, it is an ideal choice for a manicure.


Gel constructor de alta viscosidad 1279C

A professional formula that is formulated for nail art, our 1279C Builder gel is a premium nail product with a bright and shiny finish that dries quickly.


Gel constructor de viscosidad media 1280C

Nail art is timeless, festive, and fun! Our gel builder gel is a great option. Instruct a friend to create beautiful nail designs with our 1280C Jelly Builder Gel.


1508A-543 Gel constructor sin calor

Our Builder Gel is made of natural resin and non-toxic ingredients, making it safe, healthy, and low odor. It has excellent coverage and finish and will not harm your nails.


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