Capa superior

Capa superior


Clear Rubber Base Coat makes your beautiful nails shine even more. Your nails will look the same as they did when you came out of the nail salon. This gel top coat lasts up to 21 days without darkening or cracking.

Clear Rubber Base Coat is lightweight and completely sheer. A thin layer of gel can last for a long time. "Gels can actually be cured with UV or LED curing lights" Clear Rubber Base Coat will not leave a sticky layer after drying with UV or LED lights.

This gel top coat is ideal for artificial nail systems such as hard gel (builder gel), acrylic and dipping systems.

QUICK DRYING: Cure the Clear Rubber Base Coat in just 60 seconds and you're ready to show off your stunning nails.

Wholesale China uv matt rubber tempered gel top coat Factory Sales.We can quickly develop the latest and most innovative products in the nail market and have rich experience in customizing special products for professional customers and e-commerce customers. 

Base de cromo 2 en 1 y pulido de gel superior

Simplifique la aplicación Chrome Nail Art con la fórmula de gel de cromo y gel de capa superior 2 en 1 no lavado de Missgel. El gel base perfecto adhiere a los polvos de espejo para efectos de cromo brillantes, mientras que la capa superior integrada sella el diseño.


Gel de capa superior blanca láctea de 3120 kd

El innovador gel de la capa blanca láctea de Missgel ofrece un acabado ligero y tenado de superposición mientras protege el color de las uñas debajo. La fórmula 4 en 1 funciona como una capa superior, gel de color, fortalecedor y gel de constructor, todo en uno.


2849 Capa superior de limpieza de baja viscosidad

Wipe Off Top Coat Gel is a safe and environment-friendly exquisite gel nail polish. Our gel is made of non-toxic ingredients, safe and low odor. The color will be bright and never fade.


2849-13 Capa superior limpiable de viscosidad media

Once you've finished your gel manicure, there is one last step that is to use a lint-free wipe along with high concentration alcohol to wipe off the tacky layer from the top coat, you will have a glossy finish!


3849 Capa superior de limpieza de baja viscosidad - Nuevo

With the 3849, you can achieve a super strong and ultra-shiny gel top coat. This new top coat gives superior shine for up to 4 weeks.


3133 Capa superior templada que no se limpia

This low-viscosity top coat is the main recommended product, with high transparency and no bubbles, making it the best choice for many types of nail art.


3109 Capa superior de baja viscosidad que no se limpia

The 3109 no wipe top coat is the perfect way to finish your gel manicure. The ultra durable layer prevents chipping, peeling, and cracking for four weeks without a sticky layer.


3102-11 Capa superior de viscosidad media que no se limpia

3102-11 is a top coat without a sticky layer. It has a medium consistency, so it does not flow on the side rollers and ideally distributed on the surface of the nail plate.


3118A-HYFC Holo Glitter Mate Top Gel

No Wipe Matte Top Coat it's the new matte top coat that gives any manicure a smooth, non-sticky, very matte finish. No Wipe Matte Top Coat dries fast, without compromising the integrity and longevity of your manicure.


3118E Acabado mate aterciopelado que no se limpia

To complete your manicure, use 3118 Velvet Matte Top Gel which is a finish that enhances the look of your nails and makes them stronger.


3119 Capa superior mate que no se limpia

Missgel 3119 No Wipe Matte Top Coat is a fast drying, easy to remove, no wipe-off nurse grade hydrogen peroxide treatment formulated to provide sealing protection and matte finish.


3128-CCT Capa superior chispeante

This top coat gel is loved by many because it's so stylish and can be used over any base color. If you use this product in dark colors, the shiny effect will be more obvious.


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