gel para ojos de gato

gel para ojos de gato


Cat Eye Gel: Gel polish not only has a cat eye effect, it also comes in chameleon colors! They can take on different colors and shapes under different light and angles! The charming color change and cat's eye velvet effect will surprise you.

Cat Eye Gel Healthy Ingredients & Long Lasting: The gel polish uses healthy ingredients, non-toxic, low odor and low irritation. This will reduce damage to the nail bed! With proper application, it will last for 2 weeks.

Confetti & Gold Gellusion cat eye Nail Polish,Applying this Cat Eye Gel requires some skills, for beginners, we suggest that you can get satisfactory results through practice.

Dúo de sirena dual dinámica dimond brillo gel gel gel esmalte

3533A-5647-SSYSZMY-La serie Diamond Diamond Cat Eye Gel de Mermaid Duo contiene partículas magnéticas de doble tonos que exhiben un efecto de ojo de gato que cambia de color de dos tonos en una iluminación diferente. Infundido con brillo reflectante ultra fino para un brillo adicional de factores WOW. Las partículas magnéticas de alta calidad pueden crear fácilmente ojos de gato deslumbrantes en varios estilos. La fórmula pura permite looks individuales o en capas.


Esmalte de uñas de gel de ojo de gato de doble color

Esta serie de gel de ojo gato de 28 colores contiene partículas magnéticas de doble tono que exhiben un efecto de ojo de gato de dos tonos con un brillo de cambio de color por la iluminación o el ángulo de visión. Las partículas magnéticas de calidad premium atraen fácilmente para crear ojos de gato sorprendentemente brillantes en varios estilos con cada pase de imán. La fórmula pura se puede usar solo o en capas.


8020-MCE Ojo de gato mágico

The new magnetic powder cat-eye effect is a hit! The texture and shape of the high-quality metal frame along with its light and comfortable fit makes this product one that you’ll want to wear all day long.


8020-CJMY Color Cristal Ojo de gato

It's a very luxurious color, and it can use together with any base color to achieve different styles. Its cat-eye effect is very obvious, even if you apply it in a narrow area.


522-121-XNMM Ojo de gato de cristal de hada

The Fairy Crystal Cat Eye Gel is one of our newest products. It has a shiny effect and comes in various colors. It is lightweight, long lasting and easy to use.


2891G-CHMY Gel arcoíris para ojos de gato

This gel has a colorful reflective holo effect. It can be applied to any color base to bring different rainbow effects. With the magnetic stick, you can easily create many shapes such as a curved line, a wave, a full cover, or a half-moon.


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