Gel constructor con brocha

Gel constructor con brocha


The Brush-on Builder Gel nail polish comes in a bottle that comes with a brush inside, no need for an extra brush. This Brush-on Builder Gel offers a flexible, go-anywhere nail extension experience without the hassle that not only helps you create stylish and versatile nail looks, but also repairs and strengthens your nails. Our manicure gel is perfect for those who like to do stylish and varied manicures.

Brush-on Builder Gel, can be used for nail extension, broken nail repair, weak nail reinforcement, adhesive nail decoration and various nail art designs. Also, it can be used together with other nail art products, such as UV gel polish, French manicure, dip powder, to meet your various nail art needs. The colors of the Brush-on Builder Gel are simple, classic and trendy for your nail design.

Brush-on Builder Gel has excellent self-leveling properties, you can easily shape your extensions, shape your nail design as you like. No need to clean after use, no brush marks, no heavy coating, make your manicure more natural.

Friendly Tips and Best Service - Nail Lamp needed. After curing, there will be a sticky layer on the surface of the nail, which can easily be mistaken for not fully dried. You should wipe the surface of the nail with a gliding solution to remove the sticky layer. If you have any questions about this all-in-one booster nail polish kit, please contact customer service, we will try our best to help you. happy shopping!

3915t gel de constructor de pincel

El gel de constructor de líquidos de baja viscosidad permite una aplicación más rápida, crea extensiones de uñas perfectas sin la quemadura y su dureza alta es ideal para pellizcar una curva C perfecta.


3601/3608 Color claro desnudo

Dual-purpose builder gel in a bottle for extensions and reinforcements. Our Liquid Build Gel is a transparent color, and the 3608 brush-on builder gel is a nude clear color, they are an ideal tool for extending your nails. 3652 Nail Art Brush is used for creating delicate details.


3910-ARP Rosa Gris Rosa Desnudo

The Brush-on Builder Gel is for extensions and reinforcements. Creates a hard, durable finish. Frequently Used Color; Extend Nail Quickly; Natural Looking Shape; Tough & Durable; No Burning Sensation; Effortless brush-on application.


3910-MSB bola de nieve de macarrones

Vibrant, see-through colors like macarons. Can be used for extensions, strengthening, or directly as a gel polish due to the thick, textured formula.


3910-BJHY Sirena Purpurina

Dreamy, whimsical, and iridescent--these mermaid-inspired shades will have you feeling glamorous in no time.


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