Gel polivinílico/ Gel acrílico

Gel polivinílico/ Gel acrílico


Poly Gel/ Acryl Gel is a very basic color that will go with any of your outfits. Suitable for making nail art tools of different shapes, such as square nails or oval nails. One Poly Gel/ Acryl Gel kit solves all needs!

Clear nail extension gel is stronger, more flexible and easier to control than other nail extension gel products. It is lighter than acrylic gel. When you get your nails done, you never seem to have any gel on them. It makes your nails look attractive with nice length and neat. No chips or smudges.

Gel de uñas de polietileno transparente

Es una solución fácil en el hogar para uñas de calidad de salón. Esta fórmula de polígelo inodoro y de alta claridad está diseñada para principiantes y es perfecta para lograr uñas resistentes al daño que duran más de 4 semanas sin astillarse o levantar. Nuestro kit Clear PolyGel incluye todo lo que necesita para esculpir extensiones de uñas hermosas y de aspecto natural en casa. El cepillo antiadherente garantiza una aplicación fácil e impecable cada vez.


3908/3909 gel acrílico

Produced by China's first Acryl gel factory, these extensions are painless, paperless and easy to use. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and styles.


3909A Gel acrílico con purpurina

The 3909A Glitter Acryl Gel for Nail Art is designed to provide a long-lasting nail art. It's easy to apply and remove, and won't damage your nails. Try it today!


3909GN-GB Gel acrílico que cambia de humor y brilla en la oscuridad

Our hot product poly gel comes with two effects: mood changing and glow in the dark. It is packed with playful glitter and a shimmer powder to glam up your look, perfect for every occasion.


3908E-TM Gel acrílico transparente

This top-quality acryl poly gel nail polish is highly transparent with color and can be used to extend, harden nails, repairing and French manicures.


3909A-CSGY Luces de la ciudad

Why choose the gel nail polish? It is the most modern form of nail fashion, based on the international fashion color design. The acryl gel is the most modern method, even a beginner can model ideal nails.


3909GN-WZ Gel acrílico brillante con micro diamantes

Want to add a delicate touch to your style? This glitter poly gel is packed with micro reflective powders and sparkly colored glitters it can flares up with bright lights, creating a stunning effect like a diamond.


3909GN Gel acrílico súper brillante

Add a little sparkle to your manicures with this sparkling Acryl poly gel collection. With a variety of glitter pinks, blue, white Acryl gel will bloom your beauty. It has optimal viscosity and can be used for modeling ails on tips and forms.


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